Up Close and Personal With Acclaimed Author Lindsay Alexandra Dawson: Revealing the Power of Escape and the Value of Hope

By Lori Simmons Zelenko

Always authentic, never wavering from her strong and true vision of life as she renders it in her works of fiction, L.A. Dawson (short for Lindsay Alexandra) speaks of the power of escape, the value of hope and the need we all have for a mind, body, spirit, soul connection – especially when facing adversity. L.A. Dawson allows art to dictate her life and so she is committed now to writing “reality” as she interprets it from memories shared and memories earned. She faces her greatest fears when she writes and in allowing them to have a voice, she conquers her own demons – and the demons that ultimately haunt others.

She has vanquished Lyme Disease, overcome a debilitating treadmill accident and endured loss that might have felled a lesser woman, but she only says such blind-siding challenges have simply “humbled” her.

Her powerful soul never lets her vary from an aura of tremendous positivity – no matter what the odds.

L.A. Dawson’s novels are genuine, one can almost smell the essence of each character and their surroundings. Always pictorial and descriptive, they reveal the true heartfelt connection of each character…her words are not demonstrating raw sexuality, but rather are emblematic of raw thought-provoking connections.

Discovering truth and beauty in self-expression, tall, blonde, serene and spiritual she lives to express herself though a passion and direction she truly owns. “The vision and drive to capture the vitality and energy that is present in any art form is with me. Always.”

The skill to achieve success and recognition through her writing, is, she says, a reflection of God-given gifts. “I think artists in any form carry the concept ‘of the greater good’ deep within their souls, and they must express it. If not nurtured, this concept will erupt wildly and uncontrollably. Souls are like stomachs and need to be fed regularly. How do I feed my soul? By loving the earth, loving animals, loving myself.”

Where does she find nourishment then to sustain her creative energies? “When I put pen to paper, it’s powered by a life force. My intention is to write honestly without malice.” Perpetually juggling, never letting an idea fully come to rest, L.A. Dawson is a creative engine rarely idling, “I’ve always said books run around in my head like movies.”

Sometimes, L.A. reveals, she wakes up in the middle of the night, scrambling for a pen and a paper to write down ideas for a scene in one of her novels. But during the day on the computer her words come to her quickly, typing speedily she’s able to get her thoughts, her characters down almost in real time.

Writing is… says L.A. Dawson “my greatest passion. I feel blessed to have already lived a lot of my dreams.” What’s next? She is currently working on an online book series, that will include audiovisuals and up close and personal sessions with the author. The other part of L. A. Dawson’s tomorrow, is “simply to touch people’s hearts with my words, both written or spoken.”




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