Authenticity and Diminishing Self-Limiting Beliefs: How Inez Barberio is using Emotional Intelligence to Create Positive Frequency and Diminishing Toxic Behaviors

Millennium Magazine Celebrity Correspondent, Inez Barberio is all about positive energy! We all have bad days, drama induced friends, fears and negativity. Turn on the television and the news is filled with doom and gloom and quite often brings toxic energy into our space. Barberio decided to use her life experiences to teach others how to master Emotional Intelligence in their own lives.

“I have been through so much in my life. I was a young single mother, once on welfare, held unfulfilling jobs and was in and out of toxic relationships. Despite all this, I always had the innate ability to look for the best in people and move forward. I never played victim to life and always searched for ways to learn from my negative experiences and be a positive role model,” explained Barberio.

Emotional Intelligence is the heightened awareness of one’s own emotions as well as the emotions of others. By understanding why you make the choices you make, you learn to develop the ability to get rid of self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that hold you back in life. Emotional Intelligence affects every aspect of our lives and through the consistent practice of it, you learn to live in more harmonious relationships, be more productive, live a healthier lifestyle, navigate through negative situations and be more compassionate and empathetic.

During her studies at New York University, Barberio earned her degree in Broadcast Journalism and later pursued and earned her Master’s Degree in Education at Rowan University. However it was through the guidance of her mentor, Jen Groover, where she became certified in Emotional Intelligence and developed” Inez Barberio, LLC Core Growth Strategies” a workshop dedicated to teaching Emotional Intelligence to individuals and businesses. Her workshops are available online where she personally teaches live classes and at business locations as well.

“I feel that there is opportunity all around us. We need to find the strength and courage to take advantage of it when it presents itself. I used to be incredibly shy and my husband used to joke that I was scared to even pick up the phone to order a pizza! I have since learned to face my fears and insecurities. I learned that each moment, every emotion, every action of mine is my choice. We have the power to choose how we want to live our lives, how to respond to challenges, and what we want to do for the betterment of society. I wake up each morning with gratitude for all that I have. Most importantly, I seek to understand what is presented to me in life and I am extremely passionate about helping others be their authentic selves.”

Live life with purpose and join the positive frequency!

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