The Glamorous Alternative to Camping.

Words and Photos by Nissa Alloy

As nature lovers are well aware, the choicest man made attractions in the world can seldom compete with the astonishing beauty of nature, and for some ardent outdoor types nothing gets you closer to nature then camping. However there are those with the enthusiasm for the wilderness, but would need more creature comforts in order to fully enjoy the experience.

For those people, an accommodating alternative is ‘Glamping’, (glamorous camping) which is a spectacular way to experience some of nature’s most beautiful places on earth while bunking in a bit of luxury. Under Canvas, a company started in 2009 by Sarah and Jacob Dusek that offers Glamping at its finest, provides the less than rugged, a comfortable option in which to enjoy Mother Nature.

Millennium Magazine recently had the good fortune to experience Glamping in all its majesty at two of the three Under Canvas destinations – Yellowstone and Moab; Glacier National Park being their third. These campsites are conveniently located near the national parks of Yellowstone and Arches and packed with all the opulence of a luxury hotel, featuring king size down-feather beds and bath tubs with showers that are greatly appreciated at the end of a long day of physical activity, encountered while exploring the parks. Wood burning stoves inside the tents keep it nice and warm and the friendly staff is on hand 24/7 to help one light the fire and attend to any requests the guest may have. The accommodations and locations are everything one could ask for especially being able to open the doors every morning to the stunning scenery that is right on your doorstep. It was a truly unforgettable experience!

Both locations are also conveniently located close to the nearby towns of Yellowstone and Moab, so there was easy access to a wide variety of great places for eating and shopping. They also have a reception area serving hot beverages at the campgrounds but no food is permitted on the campground of Yellowstone or Glacier National Park due to the bears. However at Yellowstone there is a bar and restaurant just a short walk from the tents, serving breakfast and dinner at reasonable prices. And it is possible to order a packed lunch to take with you for designated picnic sites while exploring the Park.

Yellowstone is an indescribably beautiful park, that gives the feeling one could visit there every year for a lifetime and still find new things to see and be just as overwhelmed every time. There is a serenity there that leaves one relaxed, reconnected with nature, revived and ready to take on life again. Moab was equally as alluring but with a more active and physically engaging feel to it — giving countless opportunities for hiking, biking, four wheeling, rock climbing and much more. As an adventure destination it makes one grateful to have a warm luxurious tent, a super comfortable bed and a hot shower at the end of the day!

So grab your friends and family and head to the magical outdoors with Under Canvas — to make your stay a more than memorable one!

For more information visit: www.glacierundercanvas.com | www.moabundercanvas.com | www.mtundercanvas.com



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