By Spencer Smith

I open the door and step outside to view the city from the massive penthouse terrace, a proper perspective, and I suddenly encounter a strange feeling of exaltation. The vertigo sets in and distorts my senses, blurring reality and placing me in a surreal dream-like state. It is only the sight of the verdant green of Central Park that grounds me and prevents me from floating away.

At the corner of 57th and 6th, somewhere between Carnegie Hall and the MoMA, sits an inconspicuous brick and mortar sculpture seventeen stories tall, elegantly titled The Quin. Formerly the Buckingham Hotel, inhabited by iconic artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe and Marc Chagall, the new hotel (opened in 2013) offers the quintessential New York experience, a self-proclamation that is evident after merely one visit to the property. The location alone allows guests immediate access to one of the most culturally rich areas in New York City, and the view from the penthouse (opened this June) fully captures its novelty.

In addition to the stunning view, The Quin has partnered with Jung Lee, owner and creative-director of Fete, and D. K. Johnston, the curator of Quin Arts, to create an idyllic design with an edge that permeates throughout the entire hotel. Johnston has added this edge by showcasing numerous works from the now flourishing street art movement, bringing the underground to the penthouse thus shattering the typified coalition of hotel luxury and art.

Jung Lee, having established herself as an extraordinary event manager, is primarily responsible for the penthouse guest experience, which can range from single visitors to corporate events. Lee describes her penthouse philosophy as a personalized experience that should create a once-in-a-lifetime feel, as a unique and exclusive adventure that defies the redundancy of modern luxury suites, a refreshing approach in a very tired industry.

The vibrant energy of everyone involved with The Quin will surely carry it forward with a swift wing. The vision set forth for the hotel is audacious, the expectation great, and the potential boundless. We should all keep a watchful eye on the corner of 57th and 6th.

Special thanks to:

Holly Breuche- General Manager
Hercy Hernandez-Director of Sales and Marketing
Burns Patterson- Hudson PR
Jung Lee- Fete
D. K. Johnston- Quin Arts
Nick Voulgaris- Kerber’s Farm



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