By Danielle Ricci

In this day and age the “selfie” is the most common form of photo… at least on the internet. But taking selfies has not always been easy: Do you use the front of the camera? Or the back? What about lighting? Wait, now I cut off my head! … BOOM! Now we have Shutterball. It’s the easy, epic way to take the perfect selfie! Just buy one, download the app which allows it to hook up through wi-fi and you have just mastered the art of “Let me take a Selfie”. Inexpensive, easy to use and they even throw in a stand for you phone…  The world is now ready for your perfect selfie. Disover more at 

Danielle Ricci

Twitter: @DanielleSRicci

Instagram: @DanielleRicci

Danielle Ricci is a Los Angeles-based Actress and model.




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