Bring High Definition to Your Travel

By Tash Bazika –

Have you ever found yourself standing on a hill in Santorini staring out at the azure waters and crisp white buildings below wishing you could capture this moment? Perhaps, a selfie lacks the ability to sufficiently extract the beauty of this magnificent landscape right in front of you.

This is where your number one travel companion comes in, and no it’s not your partner: it’s your drone.

Drones are becoming more popular as travelers continue to invest in these high quality-flying cameras. Depending on the drone, it can be compact and easy to fly, which makes it the perfect travel companion of which you can even monetize from and obtain bragging rights on your instagram account.

For any photographer or videographer a drone is like your bird in the sky, able to capture the moments from above. For a travel blogger or digital nomad, a drone can be everything, from selfie stick, to a DSLR camera, to an action camera and even a look out. When you’re traveling and come across a ridge, but not sure if you want to hike it if the view isn’t going to be as good as you think, break out your drone to check out the view ahead—it will save you time.

Drones have built in features that make them easy to use and fly without much training. DJI is the market leader for easy-to-fly drones and has become the standard in consumer drone technology. The DJI Mavic drones adopt intelligent flight modes so you don’t have to be an expert to capture cinematic shots. Users can set up the drone to follow them, surround them or start with a close up shot them move out to capture the setting. The drone can basically fly itself. Simple hand gestures are recognized by the drone, which allows the subject to take photos without touching the controls.

Due to advancing technologies drones are becoming smarter, more compact and higher in quality. This makes it ideal to slide in with other photography equipment and accessories. It is also much cheaper than booking a helicopter to get aerial photos. Drones are endless in possibilities and can boost anyone’s travel photography game—consider one in your arsenal for your next trip.



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