The 8-Week Plan To An Amazing Body

By Ivy Diel

For those people who are already fit or have a desire and a goal to become fit, ‘Body by Simone’ is absolutely the book to read. It is a positive and invigorating approach to fitness like nothing else in its industry and a program that offers its readers not only a mind and body experience from head to toe but encapsulates the spirit too. This inspirational program combines internal strength and nourishment from within to become the aesthetic goal physically one is looking and hoping to achieve. Authored by Simone De La Rue, one of fitness industry’s most popular trainers for A-list actresses like Naomi Watts and Anne Hathaway, this amazing 8-week total body makeover plan promises not to disappoint.

Unlike other exercise and fitness programs, Body by Simone is based on the renewed connection to the body a key principal in this invigorating program that Simone feels is the key to gaining confidence and becoming a strong and healthy woman. Another unusual and original component of Body by Simone that we love is the dual focus on both strength and cardio, all while implementing the movement of dance. What better way to lose weight, tone and strengthen our bodies than through the art of dance. So, for those looking for a workout to make you feel strong both within and without, look no further than ‘Body by Simone.’ It is without a doubt the best program anywhere of its kind.

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