Tight. Medical Spa: Finding Beauty From Manhattan To The Hamptons

Tight Medical Spa reception area & skincare products

“What we won’t do, to stay looking young” is a cry for some who are aging. The elective procedures we subject ourselves to could be perceived as self-torture but onward we go. With so many taking great care with their diet and exercise we want to able to look in the mirror and see a reflection of how young we feel. So it’s comforting to know that the medical professionals we choose to perform their magic are top in their field.

Dr. Norman Rowe confers with a potential patient

Enter Norman Rowe, MD, with an easy bedside manner and great qualifications; board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, trained at the New York University Medical Center and the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Institute. With a solid 10 year, highly touted practice in the heart of Manhattan’s Upper East Side the good doctor has now ventured into the Hamptons to oversee the one and only full service medical spa in the area.

Tight Medical Spa reception area & skincare products

Tight Medical Spa, a state of the art medical facility in the chic town of Watermill, NY brings a myriad of minimally invasive beauty procedures to the Hamptons that include; Botox to fillers to Kybella (which breaks down and absorbs fat to help contour the jawline), BodyFX (which reduces cellulite and helps with skin elasticity), to Micro-needling w/PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and chemical peels along with a full array of plastic surgery options.

Tight Medical Spa procedure room

Second in command RN Practitioner and Reiki Master, Rissa Grey-Myrie a certified and trained clinician, utilizes a holistic approach to treat her patients giving them a sense of calm. Her knowledge, expertise, technique and aesthetic eye concludes in stellar results so her patients leave the office sporting a more youthful look and feeling rejuvenated.

CEO Libby Mugrabi along with her sister Mia, wife of Dr. Rowe, saw an opportunity to bring the only full service medical spa to the Hamptons and opened the much needed facility in the summer of 2017 to rave revues! “We are a high-end medical Spa with cutting edge equipment and a highly trained staff.” asserts Mrs. Mugrabi. “All of our nurses have a minimum of 7 years with top plastic surgeons and focus on expert care with our world-renowned plastic surgeon.” Their main focus is patient health and well being in a stunning yet sterile environment. Mrs. Mugrabi also added “We are not interested in being the most competitively priced but in being the very best.”

For a full menu and explanation of their comprehensive Medical Spa procedures please visit: http://www.tightspa.com



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