Dr. Steve Fox: The Father of 21st Century Dentistry

By Tash Bazika

Dr. Steven Fox

The Park Avenue Practitioner, Dr. Steven Fox, an Icon in the Dental Profession and a Maestro with Cosmetic Dentistry.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. Steven Fox of Manhattan pursued dentistry, and even went a step further to develop products used in today’s oral care. He is nationally and internationally recognized for revolutionizing the profession, Dr. Fox is the only doctor in New York City who taught cosmetic dentistry at The Harvard School of Dental Medicine, The NYU School of Dentistry and was an officer of Harvard University. He collaborated with the United States Government and The American Dental Association.

With such aspirations and achievements, it is no wonder Dr. Fox was honored by Senators with the United States Medal of Freedom and was also a recipient of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Developing dental products. His hard work and innovations in the dental industry continue to revolutionize oral care and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Fox receives the Medal of Freedom.

His practice in New York City prides itself on an exclusive patient list of world leaders, as well as members of the public. According to Dr. Fox, a smile is crucial for first impressions and he believes a smile should suit the face it sits on. Dr. Fox had a team including a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, a Harvard dean and Assistant Surgeon General dedicating work to creating oral products. A new treatment recently introduced in his practice is Clear Correct, an invisible, removable aligner used to straighten teeth without noticeable painful braces, employed in the past.

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Dr. Fox provides cosmetic Veneers, which unlike a crown partially covers the tooth. It is a thin shell, and each veneer is custom designed to give patients a beautiful smile. Dr. Fox believes in a natural smile. He has placed thousands of veneers in his career. At his Park Avenue location he transforms the smiles of celebrities, world leaders, models, the business elite, and every day working men and women.The cosmetic practice is known worldwide for placing veneers that transform your smile, building self-esteem. If your smile is embarrassing Dr. Fox will restore your confidence.

Dr. Fox listens to your concerns with him and his team creates the individual smile that you want. Porcelain veneers are the Picassos of dentistry. They are long lasting and change your smile.They are life-like and don’t stain.The preparation and placement of a porcelain veneer only requires two visits and it is a life altering change.

Today, Dr. Fox is working on treatments for halitosis (bad breath). According to Fox, bad breath comes from many areas of the mouth, such as tonsils, pharynx, tongue, cheeks and gums. Bacteria digests the proteins and releases foul odors and toxins causing bad breath. Dr. Fox eradicates halitosis by utilizing high tech diagnostic equipment to analyze the bacterial imbalances of the mouth and applying evidence based prescribed treatments, developed over 40 years. His treatments for bad breath are recognized as a paradigm shift in dental care.

Dr. Steven Fox with US Attorney General.

Dr. Fox and his team of scientists developed 17 patents transforming the way dentists approach oral care. Today, many major oral care companies all over the world emphasize his work in their products. A Nobel Prize winner called him the father of 21st century dentistry. His reputation proceeds him after raising $80 million dollars to develop oral care products that rebuild, strengthen, and restore tooth structure, easing the burden of dental disease all over the world. Dr. Fox is continually developing innovative ways to evolve cosmetic dentistry.

For more information visit, http://www.drstevefox.com

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