CLEANSE CONCIERGE: Tim Martin’s Kickstart to a Healthier Life

The Contemporary Concierge

By Debra Scott

Concierges are no longer limited to luxury hotels. Nor do they merely refer you to a good restaurant or spa. Today’s concierges run the gamut. Here in the Hamptons there are concierges who will find everything from a riding instructor to a writing coach.

The newest game in town is ‘Cleanse Concierge’, the brainchild of Tim Martin, the designer of Hollywood’s famed iZO Cleanze, the go-to wellness program for Tinseltown’s stressed-out movers and shakers. His new Hamptons company takes his high-profile clients on a “personalized journey of healthy living and self-transformation with a luxury juice cleanse at the core.” Did we say, “Yum!”?

What Hamptonite doesn’t want radiant health, clear skin, and a body lean enough to fit into a frock by Bibhu Mohapatra? But, between lounging at the pool, watching the polo matches, and attending umpteen charity fundraisers, who has the time – or, let’s face it, the know how – to make their own nutrient-packed elixirs.

Martin’s colon, liver, gall bladder, kidney, parasite, blood, and heavy metal detox regimen is easy to follow, especially since unlike other juice cleanses on the market that deliver pre-made juices to your door, Martin extracts the nutrients from local produce right in your kitchen.

But Martin doesn’t stop at juices.

“I collaborate with clients to help them identify physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that need to

be addressed and will customize lifestyle programs designed for their specific needs,” he said while sipping his own Exhilarate juice, a bracing mix of kale, pineapple, apple, lemon, and ginger.

Taking the personal transformation concept to its logical next level, he also connects his clients to the elite body/energy and health practitioners, as well as personal trainers and private chefs in his personal network.

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