A British invasion all by herself, the sharp-witted and vivacious Natalie Stone had taken Los Angeles and most recently New York by storm.

Named by her parents after Natalie Wood, London-born Natalie became a childhood actor and dancer. Among her many early roles, she appeared in the show ‘Young Stars of Tomorrow’, a concept that has proven true. A talented performer, she earned scholarships in dramatic studies. A great beauty, she became one of Britain’s teen “Faces of the Year.” Ever growing as an actor, Natalie moved to LA to study the Method Technique at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and has now moved to New York to take on Broadway as well as TV/Film.

Combining classical British training with the Method, Natalie landed roles in 13 films in five years in LA. 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea, in which she played the female lead opposite Lorenzo Lamas and Allan Quartermain and the Temple of Skulls, where Natalie traveled to South Africa to film, both continue to be aired on television around the world. Her most recent films include Al Pacino’s Wilde Salome, which is soon to be released and most recently The Crypt, a Psychological Thriller, where she is the female lead, which is currently being released in different territories around the World.

In addition to her roles on the big screen, Natalie has appeared in two TV series, Casanova’s Love Letters and 10 Dates from Hell and a few pilots. She performed on the LA stage in Wallace Shawn’s Aunt Dan and Lemon, and has been the face/host for various shows once again demonstrating her multifaceted acting abilities.

Prepare yourselves…more of Natalie Stone is coming. Her comedic chops have also been discovered. Not only did Pittman Productions develop a TV comedy series around her and her close friend Ami Chorlton, she produced her own comedy pilots and now she is excited to be attached to the British comedy The Comedians Guide to Survival, directed by Mark Murphy, shooting Aug-Oct in USA, UK and Canada starring several well known comedians.




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