Guild Hall Celebrates ‘Clever Little Lies’

By Lauren Clarke-Bennett

Guild Hall pulled out all the stops and premiered ‘Clever Little Lies’, a hilarious and wonderfully touching comedy by Tony Award winning play-write Joe Pietro.

The play is craftily directed by David Saint with a dynamic performance from ‘That Girl’, Marlo Thomas and the rest of the superb cast; Jim Stanek, Kate Wetherhead & Greg Mullavey.

Running through August 3rd and not to be missed, this 90-minute humor-fest without an intermission, never wavers. The clever scripting and delivery keeps you constantly giddy and on your toes. A story of a mother who knows her child and a secret shared between father and son escalates into plenty of uh-oh moments, as clever little lies are used to divulge intimate secrets. The right or wrong of it all, is yours to judge.

Phil Donahue Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas (Mrs. Phil Donahue) back-stage during the premiere of ‘Clever Little Lies’ at Guild Hall in East Hampton.


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