‘Good Kill’ Wins Big At The Tribeca Film Festival

By Lauren Clarke-Bennett

Stars lit up the Red Carpet during the Premiere of  ‘Good Kill’ at the Tribeca Film Festival 2015. An insightful movie that looks at how drone aircrafts have taken over as the preeminent way to do battle while their pilots stay virtually un-scathed living a seemingly normal family life. A highly skilled fighter pilot played brilliantly by Ethan Hawk stars alongside the talented January Jones (who plays his wife) and Zoe Kravitz in this depiction of how military life and its expectations verses reality can reign havoc with our soldiers on active duty. Hawk’s inability to deal with taking out enemy combatants overseas while sitting in a remote hanger in Las Vegas is compounded when he is expected to monitor the damage and body counts. This film is an excellent portrayal of how the new war is fought and all the positives and negatives that go along with it.



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