Selly Djap FW 2018 Runway Show

Selly Djap’s FW 2018 collection opened a showcase of several emerging designers today to a packed and energetic audience today at the Sunset Terrace in Chelsea Piers. Selly Djap’s is consistently portrays strong emotion through lingerie driven fabrication and design.

The Fall/Winter 2018 collection, titled “Trauma”, embodies the struggle of childhood trauma and phases of recovery as one transitions into early adulthood. Based on Selly’s personal experiences, and taking inspiration from popular culture, including the women’s movements of the early 20th Century, and the recent movements of #MeToo/#WhyIWearBlack, the FW18 collection is a cathartic creation that aims to empower and remind every woman that even in traumatic experiences, one is never alone. Healing remains possible through Grace, in the form of forgiveness.

Each of the collection’s nine unique pieces illustrates a phase of that childhood trauma, from being unaware of the abuse taking place to mentally locking away the abuse to resisting / shaming the perpetrator and finally healing from the trauma.

Selly Djap creates contemporary evening wear for women with luxurious fabrics, delicate hand-embroidery and beaded lace. Through careful and intricate designs, Selly Djap aims to empower the women who wear the clothing and bring out a sense of confidence and power in them. The evening wear is created in New York City from start to finish including full made-to-order manufacturing in Brooklyn.



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