Holiday House Designer Showcase Hosts Breast Cancer Research Event

By Regina Kravitz-Crehan

Holiday House Designer Showcase held an exclusive event to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Interior designer Iris Dankner, President and Founder of HH is a 20 year breast cancer survivor and is dedicated to helping this cause. Fred Dorfman and son, Blake Dorfman of Dorfman +, curated the art which complimented the incredible variety of the designers’ rooms throughout walls and nooks and crannies in the huge display. The effect was one of harmony and calmness as guests milled about the different and highly conceptual showcase rooms.

Artist Joe Ceglic’s free form, sepia toned portraits were hung in a gallery effect on the second floor. A raffle of $100.00 offered a sitting for a portrait with Jack.

The impeccable design and beauty of the house and the adjacent views of Mecox Bay at sunset made for a magical and special evening for a worthy cause. Specialty cocktails and other elegant tidbits were served.



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