Red Carpet Review: Film ‘Trust Me’ premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival

The Red Carpet lit up as the film ‘Trust Me’ written, directed and starring Clark Gregg of ‘Ironman’ fame, premiered at The Tribeca Film Festival. Accompanied by his beautiful and talented wife, Jeniffer Grey, Gregg welcomed friends Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox who were right there showing their solidarity. “I am really excited to come out in support of my very good friend Clark and his new film” Fox said. The ‘Comedy Noir’ featuring Sam Rockwell, William H. Macy, Felicity Huffman, Allison Janney and Amanda Peet takes the viewer on an inside and not so pretty ride of the child acting process in Hollywood.

‘Trust Me’ follows an ex-child actor and struggling Hollywood agent Howard Holloway (Gregg) in his pursuit of the next big child star.  When he signs Lydia played by Saxon Sarbino a talented but troubled fourteen year old, Holloway believes he has found the one and sees this as a ticket to his own success. Saxon articulated “I learned Hollywood is crazy, through this script and I may need to protect myself from some of the things Lydia went through but I have really great parents who have fortunately protected me.” As Holloway jumps through the normal business hoops he is dealing with Lydia’s alcoholic father, played by Paul Sparks. “I was drawn to the great script and the fact that it covers real issues about kids and their families not only in this [movie] business but in general and what can sadly happen to them.”  As Holloway desperately tries to secure his success by way of Lydia’s career, his beliefs as to what is right and wrong are challenged. “I became fascinated with child managers and saw how they thought about finding that kid to get them to the big leagues… and how that break would change their lives… and that kind of illusive transformation I found very potent. I initially thought it was a big comedy but as I wrote it, it was a lot richer and noiree.” Once written Gregg tried to hand it off to other directors and stars but found he couldn’t “So I hired myself, surrounded myself with brilliant friends and had a hell of a time making this movie.”

By Lauren Clarke-Bennett



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