Wolffer Estates Vineyard

By Lauren Clarke-Bennett

The charming and hospitable hotel c/o The Maidstone has made a wise choice to include a tour of the wonderful Wolffer Winery in Sagaponack in its ‘Have A Great Weekend’ itinerary. This exciting excursion is something of a learning experience with great pleasure as you experience the majestic beauty and magnificent tastes of Wolffer’s signature wines paired with delectable cheeses from around the globe. Co-owned by Jody & Marc Wolffer and Winemaker Roman Roth, whose watchful eye maintains the 55-acre flourishing winery, makes certain its off-spring does not disappoint. Touring with the Roth one learns; that the main form of pesticides used are organic, the differences in how grapes are grown and why, what wine tastes like before it is fermented (delish!), where and how it is stored and how the wine is made and bottled.

Settling in to experience the superb wines and cheese pairing, a fruity Noblesse Oblige–Sparkling Rose that tickles your palette is in order. On to a rich 2011 Chardonnay Perle as the savory cheeses arrive; Midnight Moon, a wonderful goat cheese from California, Gran Cacio Etrusco, a rich Italian cheese made from sheep’s milk and France’s creamy cow’s milk cheese; Brilliant Savarin (Yum!). Continuing our foray into wine heaven we relished their medium bodied Cassango Cabernet Savignon that gets truly more distinguished as you let it breath. We took it all in as we stopped to note, that life is good!

Back to c/o The Maidstone for afternoon tea, scones, a game of ping pong in the garden and a nap before our highly anticipated dinner.

For more information and to learn about their special events, please go to: www.wolffer.com




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