A popular household name since the 1980’s, Lotus Biscoff Cookies date back to 1932 to the kingdom of Belgium, where it was originally known as Lotus Speculoos. The Boone brothers, founders of Lotus Bakeries, created their original speculoos recipe using only the highest-quality ingredients. This unique recipe has remained unchanged for over eight decades, a testament to the longevity of the brand. In the late 1950’s Lotus introduced the concept of pairing its delectable cookies with a fresh cup of coffee. It became an instant hit, spreading throughout European cafes everywhere. In 1985, Lotus Biscoff was introduced to Americans through in-flight treats on airlines and Lotus received its new name, Biscoff, a combination of the words BIScuit and COFFee.

Only a few years ago, Lotus Bakeries, developed yet another fan favorite: its delicious Biscoff Cookie Butter, used as an alternative for nut butters and chocolate spreads. This addictive treat uses the same Lotus Biscoff flavor and has allowed for an ever expanding variety of delicious dessert creations, including the latest Biscoff Ice Cream. If you’d like to enjoy this tasty treat, wait no longer and throw your chef’s hat on with the following recipe:

Biscoff Ice Cream

No machine or any special equipment needed to make this caramelized ice cream with a dreamy texture and flavor. 4 ingredients, a few minutes of work, and then a miracle of flavors occurs.


14 oz. of condensed milk
¼ jar Biscoff Cookie Butter
Approximately 8-10 coarsely crushed Biscoff cookies
17 oz. heavy cream

Beat condensed milk with Biscoff Cookie Butter in a bowl. Add the crushed cookies and mix well.

Whip the heavy cream into a stable whipped cream. Gradually fold the whipped cream into the sweetened milk mixture until you get a smooth texture and pour it into a container suitable for freezing. Freeze for at least 4 hours and preferably overnight.

Before serving, make balls using an ice cream scoop or a regular tablespoon and serve. You can store for up to a week in a sealed container in the freezer. Enjoy!



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