Miami Sizzles as Swim Week Approaches

By Ivy Diel

Well, it is that time of year again, where bikini-clad models hit the runway showcasing the latest trends and styles by the most innovative swim designers in the country.  Celebrities, artists, designers and the like will come together under one roof to watch the shows and mingle together at the lavish before and after-parties and events at some of the most trendy and beautiful hotels on Miami Beach.

It is no wonder beautiful Miami, the Mecca for Fashion, is the choice of Mercedes-Benz to celebrate the hottest designs in swim fashion.  This beautiful city is the choice venue to showcase the latest in swim designs and serves as an integral part of swim fashion.  July marks the time of year historically where a ticket to a swim show encapsulates the audience with every color of the rainbow by way of sultry one pieces, sexy bikinis and the not-to-be-forgotten Monokini for that customer who cannot decide between a bikini and a one-piece.

The first Swim Week Fashion Event was held at South Beach’s Raleigh Hotel back in 2004 when IMG Fashion launched Mercedes-Benz Fashion Swim, now a household name in the fashion industry.  Since Mercedes Benz first became the principal sponsor a decade ago, the annual swim event has been held consecutively in Miami Beach at the Raleigh where people sip mojitos and eat ceviche poolside as their eyes are drawn to the runway and its glamour.  The Raleigh Hotel’s pool is a venue that every vacationer dreams of and is a perfect backdrop for the swim spectator to appreciate all it has to offer.

 As July approaches, the largest swimwear tradeshow in the United States begins and for five full days and nights, swim collections will be presented by both American and international designers from around the globe and all will be in beautiful Miami Beach.  After the shows, ticket holders and VIP’s socialize and revel in the upbeat atmosphere and go elbow-to-elbow with socialites and tourists who have traveled the distance all in the name of swim.

So much talent and so little time to take it all in no doubt, but certain designers make a splash like no other and stand out from the rest.  One in particular is a Canadian designer, Marina Pascale, whose suits leave the eye wanting for more with every innovative design she shows us.  Her suits are a Monokini style and are made of the finest fabrics which hold a woman’s curves like a racecar holds the twists and turns on the racetrack. 

Another designer and one to look out for on the pages of magazines for her reversible designs and quick-dry fabrics is Anastasia Semeraro who developed her company, Bikini 2 Go, only two years ago and has become almost an overnight success with her online-based company.  Anastasia believes all women are original in design just as a swimsuit should be so once one of her exotic designs sells out, it becomes a vintage piece and one that will not be made again. This way each suit remains unique and one won’t have to worry about having the same bikini as the sun tanner next to them at the beach. 

Anastasia recently expanded her Miami-based swimwear company with a teen and children’s line these age-appropriate suits are a great choice for the younger girl who should not have to borrow her mother’s bathing suit to feel beautiful. 

Swim Week will not disappoint once again this year and may we all ride the wave of swim elegance and beauty with open eyes and open minds as we celebrate  the finest swim fashions anywhere in the world.  The sun is shining bright in Miami and the nights are waiting for the parties to begin.  Welcome one, welcome all to Miami’s beauty and excitement and let swim week take us all on a visual journey of fun in the sun. 

 All swimwear was shot on location in beautiful Miami Beach as there is no better backdrop for a swim designer’s creations than in our own sandy backyard called Miami.



       Model: Ivy Diel

       Photography: Matt Dunn Photography and David Diel

       Location: Miami Beach

       Swim Collection by: Bikini 2 Go ( and Marina Pascale










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