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Tis’ the season to stay in shape with fitness trainer, Lori-Ann Marchese. More famously known for her role on Bravo’s Game of Crowns, she is also a fitness consultant/trainer at her own gym, supplement line owner, as well as a fitness cover model. Keeping a slimmer body always seems to be one of the hardest things to do during the winter season, especially during the holidays when we tend to indulge a little more. With summer coming just around the corner and slowly but surely creeping its way into swimsuit season, winter workouts are key to achieving your fitness goals.

Lori-Ann Marchese was born and raised in New Britain, CT. Growing up, Lori-Ann was bullied and made fun of because of her looks from her teeth to her weight. She had a very hard time putting on weight and was called anorexic; she also had points in her childhood where she was a little overweight. From all of this bullying and torment from her childhood she decided to turn it into something more productive. Lori-Ann said “The more they put me down, the more it focused me and pushed me.” So she decided to take all of her weaknesses and turn them into a more positive future for herself; she went to school to become a dental hygienist. She remembers starting her fitness goals at the age of 16 when she wasn’t feeling too confident about herself and joined her first gym. After school she would go directly to the gym and workout. This gym is also where she eventually met her husband, John. Lori-Ann always wanted to become a model and so she would go the different clubs and fitness completions that were advertised in her gym. She then started training with a trainer for her first ever competition, Miss Bikini New England, won and loved the thrill ever since.

After competing in a number of different competitions and coming home with numerous titles, she was starting to get recognized in the public eye. Because of all her notoriety from shows and events, she heard from a couple of pageant girls that she had competed with that Bravo was looking for girls for their new show; so she submitted herself. After submitting her credentials, the producers said that they were looking for girls who were over 30; which Lori-Ann was not. After a few weeks, she still heard that Bravo was looking for one last girl, so she submitted her credentials to them one last time and they gave her a shot. Lori-Ann went in for an interview and the producers instantly fell in love with her even and her angel that she was much younger than the rest of her fellow cast mates. Being on the show itself was very challenging for Lori-Ann. There was a huge age different between Lori-Ann and the rest of her fellow cast mates who were 15-20 years older than her. She talked about how they were difficult to work with and said “It was hard for me to relate to women that were so much older than me. We were in different stages of our lives, had different interest, and most of them were jealous of me because of my youth. I was starting my career in pageantry and they were ending theirs.” This season, a lot of drama was surrounded by the restraining order ordeal between Lynne and Leha’s restraining order. Lori-Ann said “I wanted nothing to do with any of it; I just wanted to be myself and have fun. That’s why I was fan favorite.”

Lori-Ann is the owner of Body Construct LLC, a fitness facility where she trains women, and just recently launched her own line of Body Construct Nutrition Supplements. Body Construct offers one on one training, workout classes, nutrition meal plan programs, competition prep programs, posing, competition camps, modeling opportunities and more. They train women of all ages from every aspect of life no matter what your goals may be. Lori-Ann created this program to help women release their frustrations from hoping gym to gym, training with only male trainers and not making any progress in their fitness goals; which Lori-Ann faced herself. She started training on her own and quit the basic gym workouts and started intense training. After several years, she finally created Body Construct LLC and shared her top workout secrets to her fitness success with her clients.

Lori-Ann created this program specifically for women only. She wanted to share her experience and top fitness secrets to help women get the best body they have always been looking for. In her opinion, male trainers just don’t have an understanding of what women need in a workout or dietary plan; that’s why her programs are led by female trainers only. The Body Construct mission is to impact as many women as possible by releasing their frustrations and getting them serious results in the most motivating and comfortable environment. Her message is that through exercise, nutrition and a positive attitude, women can achieve their goals.

When she is not training others, Lori-Ann competes in fitness pageants (including World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Championships), interviews professional athletes on red carpets, and models for fitness magazines, workout videos, infomercials and more. Always up for a challenge, Lori-Ann decided to enter a beauty pageant and won Mrs. Connecticut 2013. She missed the fitness pageant world and recently made a comeback as a Top 3 Champion Finalist in the International Montreal Bikini Pro Championship. Lori-Ann’s other titles include Miss Bikini Fitness America New York, Miss Bikini New England, Miss Model Fitness America New York, Miss Bikini Fitness Atlantic WBFF Pro, Miss Summer Nationals. She enjoys giving back by helping the homeless in her local community and creates drives at her gym collecting toys, school supplies, food and more. For 2015, Lori-Ann plans to continue to build her brand and focusing on her gym. She is hoping to do more fitness modeling, get out more in the media, and land some big fitness covers. She also has plans to work on and come out with a fitness video; she has big aspirations to become the next big face in fitness.

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Lori-Ann shared one of her favorite and top glute workouts, the Bootylicious Workout. If you are looking to achieve that tight, firm and all around perfect Kim Kardashian booty, this is the workout for you to achieve it. By doing this workout from the privacy of your own home once a day, you can achieve your perfect booty in no time. You may choose to boost your weight for a more advanced workout.

Bootylicious Workout:

  • 100 squats (8lb dumbbells)
  • 100 Walking Lunges (8-10lb dumbbells)
  • 100 Deadlifts (use a 12lb bar with 5 pound plates on each side or more)

Lori- Ann added “It’s very important to fuel your body within 30 minute after your workout. You need to fuel your body with protein and branch amino acids for muscle recovery and repair. This will help with muscle growth to get that lean looking body. The more muscle you have the more fat you burn.” Lori-Ann also shared one of her favorite post workout shakes, the Body Construct Post Workout Muscle Feeder Shake to maximize your muscle growth and workout progress.

Body Construct Post Workout Muscle Feeder Shake:

  • 1 scoop Body Construct Protein (vanilla pudding, chocolate cake batter , or peanut butter cup flavor)
  • 2 scoop Body Construct unflavored BCAA’s
  • 1/2 banana
  • Water and ice
  • Blend until smooth

For more information on Lori-Ann Marchese, her gym Body Construct LLC and her supplement line Body Construct Supplements, please visit her website at www.bodyconstructfit.com.



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