Tal Depot

By Judy Palmer

Jeremy Reichman and Seth Yanosfky are the founders of Tal Depot, which is a fast-growing online grocery store. Millennium Magazine sat down with Jeremy, the CEO and learned about how it’s time to change our grocery shopping ways.

MM: A few years ago, online grocery shopping was something we would consider impossible to work. But Tal Depot proved the world wrong. Why should we all start grocery shopping online?

Jeremy: Why shouldn’t you? Grocery shopping is one of those chores we just keep postponing and only very few people like to do. After a long day at work, you have to go to the store, when you actually just want to go home and get comfortable and enjoy family-time or go to the gym. But alas, you have to keep your pants on, be presentable and get it over with. On average you spend little under an hour a week browsing through seemingly endless aisles and maneuvering around abandoned shopping carts. To us, that sounds like time that can be spent a lot better.

MM: How do you offer a real shopping experience to your customers?

Jeremy: The key to success for online grocery shopping is delivering an impeccable experience for our clients through personalization and convenience. We give customers the flexibility to shop anytime, anywhere on their preferred medium. Tal Depot offers your favorite, top brands at razor sharp prices, even compared to other, very large online retailers. So you don’t just save time, but also money. Let’s not forget about the gas money you’ll save too. Another great feature I definitely have to mention is that during checking out, you are given the option to make a donation to one of multiple charities and Tal Depot always matches your donation. Behind our online grocery store is a human aspect that even surpasses that of most brick and mortar stores.

MM: Who is the Tal Depot customer?

Jeremy: We have customers from all over the world, all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds. But we quickly noticed that the millennial generation is really open to online grocery shopping. They treasure their careers but also every little bit of free time they can get. When you try to fit a 30 hour day in 24 hours, every minute counts. Our customers save valuable time that they can spend doing what they love with who they love. Ordering and shopping online is already part of their lives and grocery shopping online is just the next, logical step. Another growing part of our clientele are the elderly. Helped by their children and grandchildren, they are definitely finding their way to Tal Depot too.

MM: What’s the story behind the company’s name?

Jeremy: When Tal Depot was launched in 2012, I adopted the name of my daughter Tal for the new company, which is Hebrew for “dew”. That stands for fertility and the regeneration of life. This fits perfectly with Tal Depot’s mission of giving customers more time to do what they love with who they love. It also reflect how much we personally value our families and the time we can spend with them.

MM: How do you see the future for Tal Depot and online grocery shopping?

Jeremy: Today’s traditional ways of grocery shopping will sooner or later be old fashioned and the next tech-savvy generations will consider pantless shopping as something very normal.


After talking to Jeremy, I have to admit that Tal Depot has a valid point and we do waste a lot of time, we can spend a lot better, inside stores we don’t want to be. I’m already picturing going on a shopping spree without even getting off my couch and putting on pants.

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