A Naturally Refreshing Thirst Quencher.

By Louis Garbarini


Traveling from across the globe comes a water unique to its origin – the volcanic island of JeJu, where 16 Water was born. There, is a world of its own, tucked away off the coast of South Korea but headed to the US market.

One of the of the wonders of the world, JeJu has its own ecosystem, culture, climate and of course, water supply. What makes this island so unique is Mt. Halla, an active volcano near the center of the landmass. Only through this perfect set of circumstances and 2 million years of volcanic activity did such a place come to be. Here, rainwater from the clouds above is naturally funneled into the heart of the mountain where 16 begins its journey.

As the rainwater collects in a mineral-rich caldera on Mt. Halla, it begins to pass through sixteen layers of porous volcanic bedrock, naturally purifying 16. But, 16 is more than just water, 16 is a gift from a time long before us by supplying the purest expression of what makes life possible on earth and by creating a ready to drink water that is cleansed through a natural process untouched by human hands. The 1,400 feet of mineral deposits within Mt. Halla create the perfect environment for purification and fortification. Very few places on earth have the ability to produce a naturally purified water with the mineral enrichment nature intended.

The extensive volcanic purification process that 16 undergoes has helped it to become the tastiest in the world with an O index reading of 7.81. Of course, anything above a 2.0 is considered tasty, but when something so extraordinary is available, why settle for average when you can have the best? Jeju 16 water is softer but crisp and refreshing water, containing the minerals your body needs; only volcanic bedrock water can provide this perfect balance.

Jeju 16 Water has alkalinity similar to the body’s pH balance (-pH7.8) which is perfect for body absorption. It also contains beneficial micro components like Vanadium which is effective against diseases like diabetes and Silica which is effective for arteriosclerosis and anti-aging and high Magnesium and Calcium levels which is important for energy metabolism.

Jeju 16 Water is currently available on for purchase. With plans to roll out national distribution in rapid time, executives are already setting up meetings with some of the U.S.’s top distributors and retailers. Recently Jeju 16 Water was a featured product at the GBK Emmy Celebrity Lounge in Beverly Hills, California, at the New York Fashion Week Celebrity Lounge in New York, NY and at Bioxidea’s “Beauty from The Inside Out” event at Duane Reade. Celebrity invitees ranged from movie, TV and Broadway stars to celebrity stylists such as Jonathan Cheban, Viola Davis, Cast members from ‘True Blood’, Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton, The cast of ‘Orange is the New Black’, Courtney Reed (Jasmine from Broadway’s Aladdin), Katherine McNamara, J Woww, and many more. Everyone raved about 16 water’s smooth, crisp, and refreshing taste and kept coming back for more to quench their thirst. Jeju 16 Water has made great relationships with celebrities that have ordered regular monthly delivery of the good stuff.

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