By P.K. Greenfield

Ferrari Presents its New Exclusive Road Monster

What is Ferrari up to now? The company presented its latest road monster in Abu Dhabi just a few months ago — the FXX-K takes speed, design and technology to a whole new level.

Based on Maranello’s successful hybrid, this laboratory car is not street legal nor is it a track car, and they were sold out, sight unseen before they even left the plant. Edwin Fenech, President & CEO of Ferrari North America said, “The Ferrari FXX-K is the first hybrid model in the XX Programmes.”

Only 32 people own this auto at the cost of $2.7 million dollars. It will not be parked in their garages but housed at the discretion of Ferrari where owners will jet-set around the globe to drive the auto on test tracks by invitation only.

“The owners take part in test sessions throughout the year that are monitored by specialized personnel from Ferrari, including engineers and test drivers,” said Mr. Fenech. Insiders call it the “K” which refers to the “KERS” (kinetic energy recovery system), in other words it maximizes the track performance with new technology and horsepower (a galloping 1,035). Its engine pushes 1050 cv of which 860 are delivered by the V12 ICE and 190 cv by the electric motor, with overall maximum torque in excess of 900 Nm. Mechanical tappets have replaced the traditional hydraulic mechanism because they are faster. The company reports that the car lapped Ferrari’s Fiorano test track in 1 minute and fourteen seconds — 5 seconds faster than the standard LaFerrari.

Mr. Fenech added, “The car is part of this unique program that includes events highlighting technical and driving assistance for select Ferrari owners. The XX Programmes involve a group of clients who are passionate about racing and dedicated to the development process of Ferraris of the future, allowing them to contribute feedback and information.”

With regards to aerodynamics, the front of the car sports a deep, double-deck spoiler with long vertical fins that channel air over the car’s flanks and deliver maximum aero performance.  There are wings on both sides of the retractable rear spoiler giving it more control and efficiency, especially in ‘high downforce’ action such as turning curves. The moveable parts make this auto hug the track like the grip of a grizzly bear. Its rear wing raises higher than the standard LaFerrari adding fifty percent more downforce. The design is nothing short of awesome.

Pirelli slicks complete with sensors that monitor longitudinal, lateral and radial acceleration, as well as temperature and pressure, the driver is provided with more data and technology to assess that track surface, speed and control system.

The FXX-K is beyond loud from start to finish. Ferrari admits that the silencers on the exhaust system have been eliminated.

Where can we see it?

“The Ferrari FXX K will be featured for the first time on a North American track at the Ferrari Racing Days held at Laguna Seca in late October. The weekend will be a showcase of our motorsports endeavors including the Ferrari Challenge and F1 Clienti program as well. The public is welcome to attend,” said Mr. Fenech.




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