Dr. Georgina Rose: The Authority on Love & Relationships

By Sibrena Stowe de Fernandez

In all things relationship, author and expert Dr. Georgina Rose is the new authority on love. The licensed and practicing medical physician hails from Geneva Switzerland and lives on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan. Single, smart and beautiful seemed to be the key to finding a soul mate but Georgina quickly discovered that they aren’t the key elements to finding love. Dr. Rose says, “The process of giving unconditionally is a necessary step in finding love. If you aren’t prepared to do so then you should rethink your ultimate relationship goals.”

I asked Dr. Rose what inspired a single, sexy professional to write a relationship guide and she kept it honest and said, “After dating endlessly in the city and repeating the same relationship patterns that were getting me nowhere I was finally able to break the pattern and attract the right type of guys. I wanted to share what I learned from a Jung psychoanalysis, a Kabbalistic studies, my experiences and friends experience as well as a couples therapy study I undertook with a psychiatrist.”

Is it as simple as giving unconditional love? When you live in one of the worlds largest metropolis like New York City, the opportunity to meeting men and women of all walks of life is the norm but cultural differences and occupations may determine your fate in love. Not to mention, the baggage that your last relationship may have left you with, it’s quite possible you could be considered “damaged” by your past experiences but the best method of treatment according to Dr. Rose is simple, “You need to work on yourself and know yourself to find, attract and keep your soul mate.” 

Do you come from a divorced parent household or have an unstable relationship with your family members?  Do you make friends easily or do you have difficulty maintaining friendships? The doctor has studied the interactions that relate to human nature and studies show our relationships with our parents, family members and friends help shape our perception and commitment abilities and affect us overall including, what we seek when looking for the best mate.  She say, “Each relationship you maintain in life should work constantly to improve both people.”

She held workshops with a diverse group of friends, both married, divorced and single, which gave her closer insight on relationships and Dr. Rose thought it more helpful when giving relationship advice than analyzing the singles population.  “I wanted to impact as many women as possible in improving their relationship status in order to attract the right guy in their lives. This involves being confident, becoming the best version of yourself and projecting happiness and closeness,” says Georgina. She’s currently taping a relationship show entitled, “On The Spot with Dr.G,” interviewing celebrities on their personal love lives and giving dating advice and is currently on a book tour to promote her book that’s under 100 words called, “Are You ready for the One?”

I asked Dr. Rose to give me the single most important advice when finally getting the soul mate of our dreams and she advised me well, “Being in a relationship and growing to love someone is a commitment, so be prepared to put in a lasting effort. Valuing the person you are with is absolutely essential. It’s when you stop valuing them that the relationship falls apart.”

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