Divoti: Devoted to Your Health, Performance and Enjoyment

By Ronald He, Divoti founder

As our name implies, we at Divoti, are devoted to your health, performance and enjoyment.  Since its inception in 2006, Divoti has proudly offered a line of magnetic health bracelets that are made from fine quality materials with the ambition of providing greater health benefits, durability and fashion to our clientele. 

I honed my vision of quality through my varied experiences in manufacturing.  As a youth, I assisted my parents in their highly prosperous precision metal factory in China.  I was fortunate to then broaden my education by going to school abroad in Vermont and New York.    Upon my return to Hong Kong in 2003, I opened my own successful venture, where we also gained a contract to design health jewelry for a European company. Their insistence on maintaining outdated design and manufacturing technology inspired me to independently establish Divoti in 2006.

Divoti is my opportunity to blend the latest applied sciences in manufacturing and superior materials to create exceptional products.  I want Divoti merchandise to speak for itself because I believe in the free market and not just in marketing.  Health bracelets have become popular because of marketing, but what people commonly sport are flimsy, silicone trinkets in neon colors.  Divoti gears are not plastic novelties.  All of our products are made of the purest precious materials like ionic germanium of 99.99% purity, samarium cobalt magnets, audio grade pure copper, surgical stainless steel and grade 2 commercially pure titanium.  

I truly believe in our products; I have made Divoti a part of my own personal life and have been wearing our health bracelets for the past two years.  Since then, I have felt more energetic and have been enjoying a better night’s rest from adopting the magnets and ionic germanium.  I have enjoyed these improvements because the magnets bolster the body’s metabolism and ionic germanium granules make up for the loss of negative ions.  Negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase serotonin levels which can help to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

It is rewarding to a feedback from other Divoti wearers; they have shared anecdotes with me of everything from increased energy to assistance in pain management. For instance, I have a customer in Japan who had been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.   In addition to the medical treatment the gentleman received, the customer professed that his pain was reduced within the first few days of adopting a Divoti bracelet.  The health benefits may vary, but I believe that the benefits from our quality materials are real.  

Divoti success is rooted in the idea that we offer products of style, quality and substance to our customers.  In our quest to consistently surpass the functionality of other products on the market, Divoti continuously seeks out the latest manufacturing advancements to support the evolution of our merchandise.  We apply this philosophy not only to our medical bracelets, but also to our other lines.  The Case Titan, an iPhone 5 accessory, features the durable and lightweight properties of pure titanium.  The beadlike geranium pieces that are embedded into its modulated exterior are toted to enhance sound quality.  This is accomplished by harnessing the heat energy from the battery and the user’s hand to counteract the phone’s radiation.  Divoti is also currently developing pure titanium golf gear and audio grade us cables for audiophiles.

Manufacturing is an applied science and this is why we want consumers to understand the materials we use.  We believe that marketing drives impulsive shopping because it often does not promote consumers’ rights to make informed choices.  We believe that when people make informed choices to purchase quality, lasting products, it benefits them and our natural environment.  Fads consume excessive energy and waste.   Please visit the performance science section at divotiusa.com to learn more about our manufacturing processes.  

As we believe in quantity over quality, Divoti has purposefully limited our sales to a few high end stores in Asia and to our website.  We are now excited to expand our presence in the United States with its discerning health conscious consumers.  Not only do we want satisfied customers, but we believe in reducing environmental impact through the tenants of reducing impulsive buying and producing durable products that will outlast the “plastic novelties”. I hope when it comes to health jewelry and performance accessories, Divoti will be your #1 choice.  We encourage perspective customers to peruse divotiusa.com to make informed choices about our offerings.  


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