How to Look Vibrant and Healthy At Any Age

By Lora Condon

Everyone wants to know how celebrities have such great skin and retain their youthful glow and as a professional esthetician, people are always asking me how to stop the aging process. While we can’t do that, I promise you that if you follow these five tips, you’ll slow down the signs of aging. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll reverse and prolong the signs of aging.

1.      Water is the number one factor in soft, supple skin and healthy hair. Our bodies are more than 70% water and it is vital in every cellular action. Water is essential in weight loss and helping to flush toxins out of the body. If your lips are dry, experiment drinking 64 ounces a day for a week and see how quickly the softness returns. Frizzy hair is desperate for moisture. I like to bring a 30 ounce bottle with me and know I need to drink two of them instead of trying to count water bottles.

2.      I always tell clients that I can easily remove clogged pores and blackheads, but wrinkles can’t be removed. Sunscreen and shielding your skin from the sun is essential in preventing wrinkles, lines, freckles, discoloration and skin cancer. Instead of using a moisturizer with sunscreen, it is more effective to use a sunscreen as your moisturizer. Even if it is gray and cloudy, the UVA rays can easily go through clouds, windows and clothes. If you’re not getting tan or burning from the UVB rays, you’re still getting sun damage, wrinkles and freckles from the UVA rays. You only need SPF 30, and must reapply every hour if you’re outside.

3.      Make oil your best friend. Our skin has a natural protective layer of oil that makes our skin and hair feel soft. This oil is easily removed by harsh cleansers, forced heat and a diet lacking in fruit and veggies. Diets should also be supplemented with Omega oils. Our skin and hair loves oils like jojoba, olive, meadowfoam, Evening Primrose, rose and sandalwood.  There are differences in oils and the above oils are not pore clogging because they go directly into the pores and help repair damage. A cleansing oil as a first step works because it will dissolve the day’s oil and makeup, so your second cleanser will work even better. I suggest warm oil treatments or just put olive oil on the hair before you go to bed. Your hair will feel amazing the next day.

4.      Many people consider facials and peels a luxury, but it is necessary to have a professional monitor your skin under magnification and peels will exfoliate much deeper than anything you can find over the counter.

5.      Exercise reduces stress, increases circulation, drains the lymph fluid and brings oxygen to the body. Exercise is great for our skin, hair and of course our body overall. Besides looking great, you’ll feel great and be more youthful than your counterparts no matter your age.



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