TYSON MCADOO I Kinda Want to Draw You Naked

By Luther S. Jenkins


Tyson McAdoo’s body of work is just that – body of work.

In what would be a boy’s child hood dream, McAdoo left drawing Marvel and DC comic superheroes for 15 years before he started his own naughty venture, creating artistic drawings of naked women.

“I got tired of drawing dudes in tights so I started drawing naked women,” said McAdoo.

McAdoo’s art focuses primarily on female figurative digital painting, balancing between abstraction and realism he creates energy that thrusts the female form to dominate rolls of power. His art can be found on skate boards, canvas, stickers, as originals, two books he’s authored and prints.

“I draw naked women because everything an artist needs is in the woman’s form,” he said. “You’ve got your hards, your softs, your nice sloping curves, texture some smooth some kind of bumpy – a little bit of everything.”

McAdoo’s art is sexy, capturing women mostly in their unmentionables, clad in vintage lingerie leaving little to the imagination and quite suggestive.

McAdoo recently exposed his works at the Exxxotica Expo in Edison, NJ. His work was on full frontal display at the adult event, his first time, a setting unlike his usual showings at tattoo, car and pin-up shows.

“I thought my art would work well with the audience and it has been a great success and I hope to do more of their shows,” said McAdoo of Atlanta, GA.

The artist said his work is a combination of ideas pitched by women who want to be drawn by him and from his dirty little mind.

“Women are my biggest fan based which means a lot to me. It’s not like low hanging fruit, just a guy that says, ‘Oh boobs. I’ll buy that’. These are women respecting my art. In all my stuff it’s never degrading, its always powerful, showing strength, showing love. Now there are some interesting situations, but it’s all out of respect and love and strength. It’s really nice when a woman buys my arts. It means that much more.”




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